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My name is Oli, also known as Mumbo Jumbo and I make videos on the popular voxel based game 'Minecraft'. I focus mainly on the technical elements of the game, doing tutorials on various elements of redstone to try and make you better, and hopefully give you something you can show off to your friends. I also have a long running Vanilla Survival Let's Play series on the well known Hermitcraft server.

MY TWITTER: @ThatMumboJumbo

MY INSTAGRAM: @OfficialMumbo

  • Christopher Yau
    Christopher Yau

    Very informative. Nice video dude.

  • The cat
    The cat


  • janetweed

    Mumbo bee like if you're playing with this person your items aren't safe grain that's a promise thanks for the tip

  • Wdomino Games & Media
    Wdomino Games & Media

    This is such a great lesson! You will look into this in another way. I wonder if she could judge the new Mountain generation since 1.18 as they aimed for realistic and gigantic shapes.

  • Callum Wilde
    Callum Wilde

    If you thought geology was interesting you should definitely try astronomy. Because the immense vastness of space allows for mind blowing creations. Some of which are hard to comprehend.

  • Infiltrator

    My dad restores old buildings using lime so I know a lot about limestone and it was nice to hear someone other than my dad talking about it.

  • mgoluke

    Mumbo just randomly dies lol

  • Kian Colman
    Kian Colman

    This blows my mind, amazing Mumbo. :)

  • Daniel Norris
    Daniel Norris

    I’ve been playing for almost 10 years now and just beat it for the first time this month lmaooo

  • nerd journal
    nerd journal

    I like this video so much I have now watched it 3 times. Well done mustache.

  • Hi-Def_Pixelation

    Loved this different take on our favourite mountains. Thanks Catherine for the interesting and funny insights into the Boatem landscape!

  • Styx

    Off-topic but Sheldon do not like her.

  • Ryan Ramsey
    Ryan Ramsey

    Mumbo… look at you making incredible content. I mean, minecraft is cool. But this stuff is legitimate. I am “chuffed to bits” by this work.

  • Faxe_TY

    pigstep is better than cat but cat is 3rd

  • Sattwik das
    Sattwik das

    sheldon: geology isn't real science.

  • The1Stefan

    Great video, amazing to get an expert to make this video with you Mumbo, and the cinematography is brilliant as always Mumbo!, and Dr Mottram is brilliant on camera, comes across really natural, engaging and passionate about her knowledge!

  • Divya Sood
    Divya Sood

    He should have done shulker boxes pass. If you want to fill one shulkerbox it will be 10 diamond

  • Outcast

    "Geology is awesome! Rocks are awesome! Katherine is awesome!" I bet Scar would like your words too!

  • Faxe_TY

    bedrock edition was a filler for phones because java had issues and it is made in c++ and not in java so it works better but has less customisation options. as an example with the {} or other java things : /give @p minecraft:golden_pickaxe{Unbreakable:1}. and yes i know the video is outdated but i saw it right now and wanted to comment this

  • Laigooolas

    As a geology student I have to say that she explains really well

  • Bowie mtl
    Bowie mtl

    Absolutely banger video! This is the type of stuff that sets you apart, truly unique content that turns out informative as well! Love it to bits

  • qaznotquaz

    it's so exciting to see you sacrifice some of the fancier redstone things for an even prettier piston house!!

  • Ethan Gardner
    Ethan Gardner

    Big words. Lots of big words. Where’s my thesaurus

  • Sky

    my two favourite things, minecraft and rocks :D

  • Mayz


  • Dgood08

    love it stilll love and facts are smert

  • Mike Placher
    Mike Placher

    Perhaps next time you can get someone in the veterinarian sciences to evaluate all of Pearl's upside down animals!

  • icecreeper


  • icecreeper

    can u get this on Mac?

  • janetweed

    And then I hit my across the head with my baseball bat