11 Levels of Minecraft Door: From Noob to Pro
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, we look at Minecraft doors, and how you can go from Noob to Pro at Minecraft redstone doors. Going from Simple Minecraft doors, through to easy Minecraft piston doors, into Large Minecraft piston doors, and finally into giant Minecraft Piston doors involving Slimeblock Flying machines. This video has all sizes of Piston door - 2x2 Piston Door, 3x3 Piston Door, 4x4 Piston Door, 6x6 Piston Door, 7x7 Piston Door, 8x8 Piston Door, 9x9 Piston Door, 10x10 Piston Door!

Inspired by WIRED Easy to Complex
13 levels of pumpkin carving: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0irT...

World download: www.mediafire.com/file/bhnh6m...

Filming channel: www.youtube.com/user/ThatMumb...
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  • XevianLight

    The fact that he made his level 1 door so decorated even using trapdoors shows how much of a builder he’s become

  • Felix Berglund
    Felix Berglund

    I apprecite how Mumbo is combining his "new" building skills with his redstone skills. This is the Mumbo I want to see for HC season 9.

  • Noctus does things
    Noctus does things

    "No need for a long hallway"

  • LegoEngineer003

    Now we need someone to make a list telling us which of these doors actually work on bedrock. Probably just the first 3.

  • Malsawma Royte
    Malsawma Royte

    "Looks doesnt matter"

  • floop

    Yeah so here’s the thing about the vault door: there are four unnecessary observers. When making a vault door myself, I arrived at the same design you did, minus the double observers pointing downwards. Only need single. I did multiple different tests to confirm that there is no difference in the speed of the door, all it does it make it decently cheaper.

  • Splungified

    I was honestly expecting Level 11 to be his base door from Season 8. Not only is it an impressively sized flying machine door, but it also clears the water in front of it first.

  • thaumaTurtles

    "I even bought a horse on ebay!"

  • Green Woods the EO
    Green Woods the EO

    “Or if your server is particularly laggy.”

  • Fox_Tenko

    All Doors Level:

  • Jacob Keltz
    Jacob Keltz

    With all the cool caves and stuff, a "disheveled futuristic" base in one massive cave would be a dope base for season 9 of hermitcraft

  • Jordesy

    I like that you also make the note of how easy it is to hide the doors. Having a huge door is great, until you realize the visible redstone reduces the aesthetic. Great tutorial Mumbo!

  • Lord Dragonskin
    Lord Dragonskin

    He's got Redstone, he's got building.

  • Another Duck
    Another Duck

    It's fun watching players evolve over the years. Mumbo doing decorative stuff, Grian doing redstone, Etho doing roofs, and all of the other people.

  • Person Alien
    Person Alien

    The detail you put into all of these is amazing, they all look and function beautifully!

  • Populon993

    Feels like it's been ages since the last video on piston doors. At first I thought RSloft recommends me yet another random video from years ago.

  • Melissa C
    Melissa C

    I think that the biggest feat of this video is how your doors look so beautiful! It's the same theme you showed us in you base video, but you have really developed into a great builder and it's been great following you along the way!

  • Harmon

    Level 1 door is something I've used many times. Works great in early game nights and in caves

  • OwO

    I wonder if Hogwarts learned to make professional doors from Mumbo himself.

  • IAMBOB404

    I love how he covered 7 doors in a bit more than a third of the video and the last four in almost 2 thirds of the video