33 ways to hide your Items in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo shows 33 ways to Hide your items in Minecraft. These 33 things you can build in minecraft are secure, hidden and secret. Secret Storage in Minecraft is useful as it provides protection from Griefers in Minecraft. These techniques can also be used for How to Hide your base in minecraft, providing you many ways to hide a base in Minecraft. If you want a Minecraft safe house, or a hidden minecraft bunker, this video is perfect!

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  • Grian

    Hope you saved some good ones for season 9!


    As a wise man once told me:

  • Manicies

    On that lectern one, theoretically you could still be relatively secure with just one - just add a pulse extender with a huge delay so that you just need to have it open on the page for a while before it opens. Random people scrolling through, even knowing about this trick, would likely just flick between pages until they hear the piston noise. Adding that delay would negate that.

  • Molly ZumBrunnen
    Molly ZumBrunnen

    Hear me out: use the throwing items onto the ground activation system for the "armory" but wire it up to TNT instead.

  • Phos4us

    The one where it takes a few seconds for the items to appear is actually neat. Also the nether portal one.

  • Sandra Sculls
    Sandra Sculls

    Grain "stole" a lot of stuff last season, I would love to see these implemented into the next season. It would be hilarious if Mumbo's whole storage was hidden

  • FrostWolf 217
    FrostWolf 217

    Disclaimer: the Decorative Buttons trick does NOT work on Grians

  • Rory Thomson
    Rory Thomson

    Mumbo always remembers to put the download link in the description. He never misses!

  • Chris Sanderson
    Chris Sanderson


  • GothBoy UK
    GothBoy UK


  • Geoman265

    For some of the combination-based ones like the lectern one, having the actual valuables a good distance away from the unlocking mechanism would make it harder and more time consuming for the average thief, as they wouldn't ever hear anything trigger.

  • Drew Mast
    Drew Mast

    The amount of effort Mumbo puts into these vids now is truly impressive.

  • Mycelium

    I love how much more thought mumbo is putting into his showcase builds for the video, he really is becoming a better builder

  • Scoria Desert
    Scoria Desert

    Sometimes finding the small editing errors makes me smile. Not because I laugh at Mumbo's editing ability(sorta), but because it is making him seem more genuine and down to Earth in comparison to large RSloftrs who are more professional and don't seem as genuine.

  • Congele

    Most of them were so simple, yet so clever and good looking! It definitely shows that you're getting way better as a builder as well!

  • Damariobros

    I just thought of two improvements for that lectern one. First improvement: have it hooked up to a really long delay, so the thing doesn't open right away. Second improvement: have it hooked up to a locking repeater, so that if you turn the page from the correct one it locks, and when the delayed signal gets to the end of the line, the locking repeater keeps it from triggering the piston.

  • Panda

    As a very wise mustachioed man once said,

  • Einstein Aylward
    Einstein Aylward

    The bottom of barrels also have a spruce plank-like texture, so maybe you could incorporate that into a floor design and they wouldnt realise

  • Itzhar Maor
    Itzhar Maor

    Also try to avoid lag, it can make things randomly disappear from your chests

  • Hawke Gaming
    Hawke Gaming

    You'd be surprised how many people have no problem messing with complicated redstone. I have had my redstone shops broken so many times because people think they know how to "fix" my already working redstone.