40 Things you Should Never do in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Minecraft is a game with no rules... but that doesn't mean you can go round doing whatever you want. Here is my list of 40 things you should never do in Minecraft.

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  • Anime Potato :/
    Anime Potato :/

    Alt title:A British Man explaining why he can’t be friends with you

  • AlaKingg

    Mumbo: "This gold armor is ter-"

  • derpypaws1250

    "Never build your house out of valuable blocks"

  • BevBeverage

    "Never build your house out of valuable blocks"

  • Charizard 230
    Charizard 230

    “Cat is the best music disc”

  • DeepFriedSlipper

    Mumbo: 'Who are the people who take one block from the tree and then leave it?'

  • Month

    I wheezed when Mumbo showed Grian's storage system lol

  • ThatOneAqua

    Mumbo: Uses Grian's base to define mess

  • Apollon

    Me: Oh Yes And Next He’s Going To Talk About AutoJump And Never Mine Straight Down.

  • Sam Stedman
    Sam Stedman

    “40 reasons I don’t want to be friends with you”

  • Ethan Artell
    Ethan Artell

    Mumbo: Dont build your house out of emeralds

  • Sassy Signs
    Sassy Signs

    Mumbo: “don’t do this”

  • Hallowbread

    Mumbo: "Says never enchant a pickaxe out of curiosity"

  • Zin1X

    Mumbo: "Cat is the best music disc"

  • Tim G
    Tim G

    "Dont build your house out of valuable blocks like emeralds or diamonds"

  • Thomas Lopresti
    Thomas Lopresti

    6 year old me in creative thinking that it was cool to make my house out of diamonds and gold and then covering it in spawners because I thought they said “monster swallower” 👁👄👁

  • Xera


  • RetroBowl Clips
    RetroBowl Clips

    Mumbo: Cat is the best

  • Random Person
    Random Person

    Mumbo: Who will break just one piece of wood from a tree?

  • MyDogKillsPeople

    "Never build a circle freehand"