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Today we take a look at the 50 step process of starting a new Minecraft survival world!

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    Whoops! Uploaded two versions of the same video. For those who didn't see it, you didn't miss much! Just 10 minutes of black screen!

  • lindsey

    as soon as i get one diamond i consider my survival world complete

  • Hugh Van Zyl
    Hugh Van Zyl

    mumbo's definition of having a successful minecraft world is to play until you don't need to play anymore

  • Poison Potato
    Poison Potato

    When you realise he's still in the early stages of his minecraft world

  • Mia Garcia
    Mia Garcia

    "If you find a village, make sure the villagers are safe. They're incredibly important "

  • OMGaming203

    Mumbo: "You need 9 bits of iron and 32 bits of coal."

  • professional sleeper
    professional sleeper

    Funnily enough, my start was WAAAY different, obviously there's the startup tools and all but I usually just chuck a small signifier of a place where all my items will be, type the coordinates in chat, get some essentials like stone tools and food for one trip, and get to exploring, I just started a minecraft world (literally today) and I have a full set of iron armor, a diamond pick, full set of iron tools, a fast as hell horse with iron horse armor and tons of resources and food from looting villages, with over a stack of emeralds without going into a single cave.

  • Cabbage Boi
    Cabbage Boi

    How to start a new minecraft world properly

  • Conrad Delgado
    Conrad Delgado

    When you start a world I’d recommend getting 64 iron. 9 for tools, 24 for armor (33 total), and 31 for an anvil (64 total)

  • lazuliman

    This will sound weird by my first priority is to craft a shield as quickly as possible.

  • PeaceInExile

    I'd like Mumbo to make an updated version of this when 1.17 comes out to see how it's changed.

  • Findlay McIntosh
    Findlay McIntosh

    “At this stage of the game, a minecart track might be a bit expensive.”

  • Viper

    He should totally make a second version of this since the beloved afk fish farm no longer works in 1.16 😪

  • aqua _
    aqua _

    Everybody: builds a house first

  • Anshul Das
    Anshul Das

    "After a couple of hours of hardwork, I have managed to get tons of resources"

  • GGianni

    Even though Mumbo is a redstone genius, he still starts chopping a tree at the bottom block.

  • Sky CODM
    Sky CODM

    “Caves are a bit scary because of mobs”

  • BResch19 Productions
    BResch19 Productions

    Mumbo: make a crafting table

  • KobezNBAEditz

    Thumbnail: NEW WORLD DONE WELL!

  • MarsBarDaBom

    Mumbo: "It's pretty well protected and it doesn't look as ugly as a dirt house."