50 Things YOU can Make in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Ever struggled to think of something to build in Minecraft? This is the video for you. 50 different things, projects and builds for you to work on. Lots of inspiration here! I hope you enjoy.

Download this world:

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  • MousePadGaming League of Legends
    MousePadGaming League of Legends

    How can people dislike this? He puts so much time and effort into builds for our entertainment. Mad respect to you Mumbo Jumbo.

  • Boy Biggs
    Boy Biggs

    “I think I just got a swish!” This man is too pure for this Earth

  • SauroLab

    Mumbo: “YOU can make this build!”

  • Phyxonerceus

    “My first set of armor”: Proceeds to show full diamond

  • Okie Cat Gamer
    Okie Cat Gamer

    mumbo: this has 64 combinations. so your chests are decently protected.

  • Nexoner 5
    Nexoner 5

    Fun fact: you don't quit Minecraft. You're just taking a break

  • Bird With teeths
    Bird With teeths

    "anyone can build this" buddy, you're talking to someone who's greatest redstone achievement is activating a redstone lamp from two blocks away

  • RaunchyRalph

    “In terms of redstone, it’s only like a three.”

  • gamer dude
    gamer dude

    "For FREE, using tnt duplicators!"

  • Bruh

    MumboJumbo: Does Jumpscare

  • ahgahpah

    What sucks about these hidden and secret things is that people can just mine right through the protection ;-;

  • slushiie

    me, who's been playing since i was seven and

  • bean_eater


  • leafy_green

    "I made it in 14 sand blocks!"

  • Ronit Chepuri
    Ronit Chepuri

    Mumbo Jumbo: "I will give it a 5/10"

  • Chicken


  • Ng9952

    “I don’t have two boats, I’m not that rich.”

  • Monophobia Craze
    Monophobia Craze

    Giving a round of applause for still making our childhood. I still don’t understand red stone such as large builds but I can make some simple builds. Thank you again mumbo. You need more appreciation in the Minecraft community ❤️

  • Comrade Elmo
    Comrade Elmo

    “Your chests are secure”

  • Sandra pinto
    Sandra pinto

    y'know a redstone contraption is EASY when there's NO redstone contraption