Hermitcraft 8: Episode 22 - MOUNTAIN TOWN BEGINS!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo works on the Mumbo Minecraft Mega base, adding a Philippines mountain town in Minecraft onto the gigantic waterfall. Mumbo Jumbo also does the back of his base, meets up with Grian and the rest of Boatem Inc. crew for the grand opening of the Hermitcraft Octagon shop by Docm77 and Rendog. Hermitcraft huge progress today so I hope you enjoy!

Jumbo cycle!

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  • docm77

    Thanks for coming:-) I think it was ren btw, who bought the taters!

  • S K U L L Y
    S K U L L Y

    "Everyone is expecting me to completely fail at this, thus there is no pressure for me to be successful at it" -Mumbo


    As a Filipino, I'm so honored to have your base inspired by my country. :)

  • beanz

    You can tell the redstone inside mumbo’s brain has broken when he says

  • Ace Lennox Ang
    Ace Lennox Ang

    As a Filipino who is in fact not your girlfriend. I thought your buildings looked awesome. It really reminded me of some palengkes back home. Great job mumbo!

  • Joe Reddish
    Joe Reddish

    Please rebuild the camper from earlier in the season on top of the mountain. That’d be dope

  • Jonathan Larsen
    Jonathan Larsen

    Scar: "MumboJumbo has really come along as a great builder"

  • Evan Wang
    Evan Wang

    "i'm gonna go before I say something crazy."

  • Abi Smith
    Abi Smith

    Mumbo at the end said “I’m really liking it” and I thought he had said “you know, I’m really lichen it” and was about to pull out the glow lichen and make a hilarious pun

  • ZTVG

    The part in the time lapse where mumbo stole the beacons was absolutely necessary

  • ChocyMilk11

    Mumbo is doing so well with his more creative builds this season and I feel oddly proud of his achievements.

  • M4lic3

    Hi Mumbo, a Filipino here, let me just say I LOVE the designs! It shows how colourful and happy it can be in the Philippines, from the moment you told that the mountain was inspired by one of the waterfalls in the Philippines I just had to watch you, all of the aspects of the base looks so cool! And anyways, keep working hard on the base, I’m just in awe by looking at it! <3

  • Tem

    I think one thing you really need to do is make it "livable", meaning that you can walk between the houses, with stairs or pathways, even ladders. Now every house feels a bit disconnected.

  • Tom Neilson
    Tom Neilson

    Only criticism is that not every house in the village should face forwards


    "'it adds texture to bland walls" mumbo is starting to sound like grian

  • { Vailyue }
    { Vailyue }

    Mumbo is quite the creative hermit, instead of adding music to time lapses, he just talks about something he has been wondering about or working on

  • Caleb Cuyom
    Caleb Cuyom

    As a filipino i am impress that u have build a filipino inspired base, we love u from the philipines!!

  • reptar i guess
    reptar i guess


  • JellyPotatoes

    Everybody: screaming at the sheer amount of lightning striking the castle

  • BIGDAWG1252

    I think Tony Stark's Malibu mansion belongs on the top of that armchair. Then Mumbo could call himself Tony Starch 👍