Hermitcraft 8: Episode 26 - MY REPLACEMENT
Mumbo Jumbo
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  • docm77

    You missed Hermitcraft meeting today! Just saying;-)

  • Jester1219

    Mumbo: “The only person seeing this room is me”

  • Nurul Amin
    Nurul Amin


  • Pedro C. B.
    Pedro C. B.

    Mumbo Jumbo: "I'm the least musical person ever"

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    If I had a nickel for every time Mumbo was replaced with a giant face of himself to oversee a Boatem meeting, I'd have two nickels. Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • Priya Patel
    Priya Patel

    Who else thinks one of the automatic responses should be, “Scar, where’s your company car?”

  • CaGiBa

    Didn't you all realised Grumbot has now evolved into his potat form? This is just perfect.

  • PyroXSpin

    Hopeful filler thoughts:

  • VallieMC C
    VallieMC C

    Mumbo really has outdone himself this season - he's always been an incredible builder but MAN this is just blowing my breath away! :D the mumbo replacement is downright adorable

  • Daklr

    In today's episode, Mumbo throws piston accelerated stones at his billion-dollar quartz wall

  • LT Motions
    LT Motions

    "Even if most CEOs just sit there and do nothing"

  • Mel Mac
    Mel Mac

    I can just imagine the text-tatos saying things like “That’s pants.” “I’m chaffed to bits!” “I agree with Impulse on this one.” among other potato-y puns.

  • Downhour Productions
    Downhour Productions

    You need to have an automatic response that simply says “I disagree with Grian”

  • Wolfogon

    "You can't miss a meeting, if YOU ARE the meeting"

  • Tjitte Bouma
    Tjitte Bouma

    The chest makes a sound, so they can detect that you are there in your room when submitting an idea. A hopper is silent when accessing, so maybe that is better to use in this case.

  • Gustavo Hen
    Gustavo Hen

    You should put simple/blend thoughts like “I agree with Grian!” “That’s a good point, we have to think more about that” “We have to improve our profits, so will this be worth for it?” “We shall rethink our strategy” “I’m not a fan of Impulse’s idea”

  • Quinn McNulty
    Quinn McNulty

    You didn't "Kill" Pearl. You just simply provided the facilities for her to have a meet and greet with the void

  • Staci Thompson
    Staci Thompson

    "I wanna make it clear that I'm incredibly buff"

  • Jacobo Blanco
    Jacobo Blanco

    The amount of effort that Mumbo puts into not making an effort is impressive.

  • David Brooksby
    David Brooksby

    You need a decoy idea chest. If someone does sneak in they will be tempted to put their own thought into the brain. You set up a system that detects when the fake chest is used. Then an error thought is automatically places into the que and the next thought that comes out says there was an intruder or an error. Just a ceo thought.