Hermitcraft 8: Episode 30 - W̸̘̔E̴͓͘Ḯ̷̙R̵̢̉Ḓ̶͐
Mumbo Jumbo
This Hermitcraft episode is the weirdest Hermitcraft 8 episode I think I have ever uploaded.

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In this Hermit craft episode, Mumbo Jumbo gets experimented on in Zedaphs Minecraft Laboratory, Gets a new hat from GoodTimesWithScar which matches up with the Hermitcraft Boatem sports horse. Mumbo also joins a boatem meeting where Grumbot 3.0 decides his fate as Boatem CEO.

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  • Crosshair

    Mumbo doesn’t attend meeting: promoted to CEO

  • Sam Renshaw
    Sam Renshaw

    Zed: "in adjectives."

  • MCisAwesome 95
    MCisAwesome 95

    The moon is getting larger every day, and there's that shaking that everyone's getting.

  • Aidn Shorts
    Aidn Shorts

    I'm here for all the moon conspiracies

  • Lorentari

    Zedaph feels like a D&D Dungeon Master trying his hardest to railroad (steer an adventure in a certain direction), but failing to do so because of the incompetency of the other players.

  • 144p Lobster
    144p Lobster

    "The moon is getting closer, is this some Lunar event?"

  • T. R.
    T. R.

    I once again recommend naming the giant mustachioed statue “Jumbo Mumbo.”

  • Will Dooley
    Will Dooley

    Boatem's entire story arc is just turning into a scathing satirical critique of how the bourgeoisie do almost nothing and then pat each other on the back constantly, and I'm loving it.

  • Brady Swanson
    Brady Swanson

    The other Boatem crew who demotes Mumbo and makes the robot CEO: "Janitor Mumbo hahaha!"

  • AlbaneEdge

    The therapist: "Mumbo moon doesn't exist, it can't hurt you"

  • HomoSapien

    Mumbo: "Is the moon bigger or we're getting smaller?"

  • EliteG


  • Braden Cosier
    Braden Cosier

    “Please describe the lifecycle of a frog in only adjectives.”

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy

    The crazy thing is Boatem is still probably more organized than Sahara ever was in terms of meetings, goals and profits.

  • ExplosiveJelly

    My first thought after seeing mumbo in the test lab was:

  • Brandon Vout
    Brandon Vout

    Mumbo: renames "thoughts of the CEO" to "thoughts of Mumbotato" so no one thinks to replace him with the robot

  • StandingWind

    I feel the need to point out that “stillness “ is a noun, and that “waiting”, “swimming”, and “jumping” are all verbs.

  • Ian Robin
    Ian Robin

    I love mumbos comment in Zed's chamber:

  • Fredbear

    I'd like to point out, Mumbo, that you don't just have a waffle,

  • Oliver Erlandsson
    Oliver Erlandsson

    "Or is the moon just getting closer?"