Hermitcraft 8: Episode 34 - BOATEM WITHER
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo gets haunted in the Boatem area, and a wither is spawned by the invisible man. I also make progress on the Hermitcraft Season 8 Industrial district. We then join up with a few other Hermits and put Zedaph into the chamber.

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  • That’s a Dead Kid
    That’s a Dead Kid

    Grian: "I made a MISTAKE!"

  • TBNR doodler
    TBNR doodler

    When Mumbo realises that the moon isn't peaceful, doesn't love him, and isn't a plant so it must die.

  • Cosmic Caleb
    Cosmic Caleb

    Knowing that Mumbo’s reaction was genuine makes this 100% better

  • Adam Radford
    Adam Radford

    "It was GRIAN! ... Of course it was grian" the tone of voice was that of a best friend who never had any doubt it was the other. I loved it

  • EzraEpic

    "it is now time to blow up the moon"

  • J2kitty

    When moon gets big

  • StarAce

    The server glitching Grian completely invisible was the best organic continuation of the 'no sleep' storyline in Boatem. 😄🤣

  • Ojas Agrawal
    Ojas Agrawal

    From "I love the Moon, I lead a cult worshiping the moon"

  • Chelsea Hodge
    Chelsea Hodge

    I just finished watching Grians video and I love how I can watch both people's reactions to something such as when Grian was invisible seeing the different view points makes it even better 💙

  • SnowYetii

    "The Cod father" was genius. I've never heard that before, and coming up with that on spot was just incredible.

  • Efren Arevalo
    Efren Arevalo

    Those Bees saved Boatem from the initial impact. If it wasn't there, the wither would've shot the nearby chickens near the ground more.

  • Mudit Bansal
    Mudit Bansal

    Mumbo : I can't even build industrial farms anymore

  • Cuppa

    The Blowing up the moon should be called “Operation Daylight Saving”

  • Letus the Dragon
    Letus the Dragon

    Every iteration of Zedaph realizing, "on, above, over, atop" are the same words has been gold.

  • EpicNerdsWithCameras

    Mumbo: "Why did you do it?!"

  • Nick Weston
    Nick Weston

    That first bit was like a psychological horror

  • Ishan J
    Ishan J

    After watching Mumbo's waterfall lake in night, i believe that it would look extremely great if Mumbo uses Glowberries to light it up a bit. Y'know kinda like moody lighting.

  • The_ Senate
    The_ Senate

    Mumbo: "Is the magical horse playing tricks on me?"

  • Ryanthe Doctor11
    Ryanthe Doctor11

    "Mumbo it was me I need help" was the greatest chat message I've ever seen

  • Onidii

    The whole invisible thing was so funny, if I hadn't watched grian's pov first I would've been freaking out though haha