Hermitcraft 8: Episode 23 - IT'S DONE!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo finishes the gigantic Minecraft mountain town on his Hermitcraft mega base. He also joins Docm77 for some technical minecraft redstone, Messes with Grian AFK, and makes a lot of building progress on the Hermitcraft server.

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  • zach davis
    zach davis

    Y'know, there's nothing stopping you from making paths up to the buildings by tunneling through the mountain. I think it would look really cool to see paths just

  • notEriX

    I really can't wait to see Grian's perspective of the plane ride-- I hope he was doing another 'AFK near hermits to see what they do to me' bit and covers it in his next episode. I bet he was laughing his butt off the whole time

  • JaieDoesStuff

    Mumbo: "I play a very small role in the pre-show"

  • Samuel Salita
    Samuel Salita

    I haven't seen anyone mention how much of a genius DOOM is with his wireless rocket refill.

  • Mini PewPew
    Mini PewPew

    Gem : Sells grian in a bottle

  • Vertex

    When Grian AFKs:

  • docm77


  • Gustavo Zorzin
    Gustavo Zorzin


  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    "Sofa is English for couch, which is American for long, soft chair."

  • BurningGlory

    Mumbo: Explains what Sofa means

  • Joriel Matthew Cruz
    Joriel Matthew Cruz

    The fact that his base is inspired by Filipino towns and cities, just melts my heart ❤️🥰

  • TheAceOfFlames

    Mumbo:"I'm not a good builder"

  • crad12891

    Grian's next episode is gonna be a banger. Personally, I'd love an entire second episode of AFK Grian.

  • Iram Sporsho
    Iram Sporsho

    Doc's voice sounds like a veteran soviet soldier has gone off to fulfill his dream of being a minecraft player

  • Ian Briggs
    Ian Briggs

    Doc is a madman.

  • Star_Cube


  • Retinetin


  • Bimbi Robotics
    Bimbi Robotics


  • Porkoo

    “Sofa is English for couch, which is American for long soft chair” best mumbo quote yet

  • Tyler Emery
    Tyler Emery

    "'Sofa' is English for 'couch,' which is American for 'long, soft chair.'" -Mumbo 2021