Hermitcraft 8: Episode 29 - GIANT TEMPLE
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo builds up the giant temple on top of the Mumbo mega base. This giant Minecraft statue is based on Mayan temples, and it really finishes off this Minecraft Survival Mega project. Mumbo also steals Grians soul using a Lethal secret minecraft trap, and builds up a hidden bunker in Minecraft to capture him in.

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  • Owlbinky1

    Mumbo doesn't pat himself in the back because he is humble

  • Bribe

    I can see how Mumbo would turn "evil" next season because he got so tired/bored of the whole peace love and plants ordeal in this season

  • xyzCrake

    I feel like the statue just needs to be called "Jumbo Mumbo"

  • Aidn Shorts
    Aidn Shorts

    The builds just keep getting crazier and crazier

  • Bluestar4535

    Grian is the type of person who would see a floating tree and ask, “are you going to eat that?” and then not wait for an answer.

  • Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito
    Double Steak Grilled Cheese Burrito


  • Gyrre

    "Room that looks like you'd lose your soul in."

  • FoxJL

    theory: the earthquakes are caused by the moon getting closer. the earthquakes will lead to the server getting 1.18 terrain

  • Hexcede

    I can't believe mumbo made an entire room dedicated to stealing Grian's soul and neglected to even use one block containing the word "soul" in it.

  • Mellokhai

    I love how the thing with grian is like a full on princess bride situation, he's thinking 300 iq which option is trapped when they both are lol

  • Pretty Peepers
    Pretty Peepers

    Suggestion: Put one or two little houses on the side of grians base! It would make the bases look incredibly connected, and would make sense why those rope bridges were there!

  • ItsVoidz

    Ahh yes, Mumbo Jumbo, the

  • the Emchk
    the Emchk

    Mumbo: * Sees Grian *

  • Anndrom3da

    I feel like Mumbo is going to end up accidentally eating something new and that'll restart the soul stealing cycle again, perhaps eventually ending up with Mumbo's skin as a hodgepodge of small details from the rest of Boatem's skins

  • Mark Colucci
    Mark Colucci

    Mumbo: "It's the next day and I'm still jittery!"

  • Bluepaw WARRIORS
    Bluepaw WARRIORS

    When I started watching Hermitcraft this season, I only knew it as large builds, impressive Redstone, and Turf War.

  • TrueHexproof

    Who else wants to hear the hyper-speed munching beat that Juno would make out if it?

  • Rvve Duio
    Rvve Duio

    The temple could be named the "Statue of Peclovant" (Peace, love and plants combined into one word), where Peclovant could be like the god of sustainability or something

  • Damien Hughes
    Damien Hughes

    This season feels like Mumbo has lost all insecurities. He’s making his videos WAY more comfortably and how HE wants to and I’m loving it, the builds are all amazing and idk!!! I just love it!!

  • Blizzard 333
    Blizzard 333

    Ah yes I have indeed enjoyed this Hermitcraft waffle.