Hermitcraft 8: Episode 28 - FINISH IT!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft, Mumbo finishes the bottom section of his Minecraft mega base. The Mumbo Mega base is almost completely finished, with huge progress being made in this Hermitcraft Episode. This Minecraft mountain town is inspired by the Philippines, and has a number of small minecraft houses in it. Finishing my minecraft base is so close!

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  • xisumavoid

    Now I see the similarity! We have two Pink Hermits :-D

  • J_R_S


  • Dark

    Mumbo: Worries about the cost of 4 sided logs

  • Nakavo Nali
    Nakavo Nali

    Mumbo: “let's try to make this episode less weird”

  • 94. Dheeraj MV
    94. Dheeraj MV

    I love how genuinely accidentally he was talking about killing and eating Grian when the sign behind him saying "is mumbo a cannibal" was also written by Grian at

  • Lizard02

    "This is not going to be a weird episode"

  • some random guy
    some random guy

    Grian: *Genuinely happy for Mumbo's progress and giving him feedback and advice for building *

  • Arran Ross
    Arran Ross

    "I ate a potato, I became a potato."

  • Magnus

    Suggestions for the bridge:

  • Koopa Kaos
    Koopa Kaos

    Calling it now, Mumbo is going to slowly become more insane, eventually becoming the server's resident serial killer.

  • HylianKirb 2.0
    HylianKirb 2.0

    "The new project can't start unless at least 8 animals have been splattered across the grass."

  • YKM

    I personally really like Mumbo's time lapses its like listening to a funny podcast while watching some dude build really quick

  • Nathan Watson
    Nathan Watson

    Following this logic, theoretically, Mumbo could turn himself into a pickle.

  • Heather Wherley
    Heather Wherley

    Mumbo: Worries about how much a six sided log costs for his custom trees.

  • lcpdraws

    mumbo: "honestly there's nothing like the killing of innocent pigs to get the creative juices flowing."

  • Dr. Antonius
    Dr. Antonius

    Theory: Mumbo feeds the Boatem Hole diamonds because he feels bad from not feeding his base last season.

  • Matthew Lyons
    Matthew Lyons

    One pointer to help make your base look better:

  • Eefke L
    Eefke L

    "You are now the tree lord of the Hermitcraft server"

  • Nethaniel Shade
    Nethaniel Shade

    "But of course, that does involve... Killing him."

  • RebelYouth 13
    RebelYouth 13

    With all of Mumbo's building and terraforming I'm surprised Scar isn't loaded with redstone projects, I'm beginning to think I'm living in a parallel universe.. But I love it