Hermitcraft 8: Episode 32 - BASE DONE!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo finishes the outside of the Mumbo Mega base. This Giant Minecraft Base, inspired by the Philippines and topped with a Minecraft Mayan Statue took over 2000 days in Minecraft Survival to build. Mumbo also joins the other Hermitcraft Mooners to discuss the Hermitcraft Moon events, and checks out the Industrial Minecraft farms in the mini Hermitcraft Industrial District.

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    Premiere Pro corrupted the end of my video on export, even though it said it was

  • GoodTimesWithScar

    He's still wearing the hat!! :D

  • Chaos BiGBass10
    Chaos BiGBass10

    “Well this is looking very sustainable” just about killed me

  • Cullen Hutchison
    Cullen Hutchison

    A "mooner" could also be called a "lunatic". So, a "full mooner" could also be called a "complete lunatic".

  • Sepia Smith
    Sepia Smith

    The cackling phantoms are WILD

  • Lowie

    This whole cult is basically “You may not sleep right now, there are moon cultists around”

  • Daniel Pierce
    Daniel Pierce

    A hermitcraft base in it's simplest form is just a glorified storage system.

  • CreeperLuke

    Mumbo: "I am now a building person."

  • lvlygl

    Not many people can say they built a “smack yourself with an E” machine, mumbo. You did good.

  • Lenard on blitz
    Lenard on blitz

    Theory: the moon hits the server and it either switches to season 9, or switches to 1.18, that’s why the mega bases are being finished so quickly, just a thought idk????

  • 𝕕 𝕖 𝕔 𝕪
    𝕕 𝕖 𝕔 𝕪


  • PixlPlayer

    I love how grian’s tired skin has bags under his eyes, while mumbo’s tired skin looks like he’s at the end of a 4 day booze binge

  • Sega Rainon
    Sega Rainon

    “Water doesn’t fall out of mountains”

  • Longevity Star
    Longevity Star

    I swear, more than half of this season so far feels like a fever dream

  • Skylar Monahan
    Skylar Monahan

    “We’ll this is looking very sustainable”

  • Franco Vargas
    Franco Vargas

    On a curious note, in the interaction between Grian and Mumbo, beyond the strange skin changes, if you watch both grains and mambos perspective of the conversation, they are different. In Grians video when they are attacked by phantoms mumbo vanishes for a bit, and Brian fights them himself. But in this perspective, he finds him in the temple. Also, the time of day in which the conversation ends is different for each perspective. This tells us that the interaction might have became a fever dream once the phantoms appeared. Or when the moon rised.

  • Lobster

    "I would now consider myself a person that DOES bulid."

  • K O
    K O

    I was going to suggest you let Grian using the back patting machine for his building skills, but then I realised that wouldn't work as he hasn't build his back yet.

  • E&J Gaming
    E&J Gaming

    This has been my favorite hermitcraft season yet; growing moons, fake bedrock, boatem hole, boatem pole, robot mumbo replacing mumbo as mayor, what’s next?

  • reheated-soup

    i was fully ready to accept that you just canonically passed out from exhaustion at the 18 minute mark, but this works too