Hermitcraft 8: Episode 24 - CHEST MONSTER
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft season 8, Mumbo works on the gigantic automatic storage system on the inside of the Mumbo Hermitcraft mega base. This auto sorter is centre of my Big Minecraft base, so the decoration is very important. We also join up with Grian with some Grian AFK fun, and join up with Zedaph to test his new automatic potion brewing station!

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  • ZedaphPlays

    Thanks so much for visiting The Combrewter 2.0 Mumbo! It meant a lot to get your redstone stamp of approval! Visit anytime!

  • Raye Kerra
    Raye Kerra

    The moment Mumbo does officially kill anything, he will just go on a killing spree

  • Calvin Stepp
    Calvin Stepp

    The space In-between Grian's and Mumbo's base should be an arch with a river/lake where a ship is docked

  • Jordan Little
    Jordan Little

    I love how Mumbo complimented Grian's night sky, when Grian took the suggestion from Mumbo's comments section

  • OopstheTurkey

    Imagine Mumbo goes from being the peace love and plants guy to being Mumbo the Murderer in the next season.

  • IAmADolphinYay

    Man, these hermitcraft people upload so much and STILL have time to make the content amazing! Bravo! AND he still has time to bike 100 kilometres in a day!

  • akumabito2008

    Round of applause for Zedaph's brewing magic show.

  • Alex

    Mumbo: "If I do have one regret-"

  • undefinedGalaxy

    Mumbo: why does Grian look so bad with a mustache?

  • Hannah Bowman
    Hannah Bowman

    A dragon would be a cool use of that ceiling space, like a beast guarding the lush cavern of your build :)

  • Graham Cutler
    Graham Cutler

    Mumbo, you need to add a balcony around your storage room instead of a wall. On the far side wall, I would either place a grand staircase leading to the balcony, or an aquarium

  • Green_ Zip1
    Green_ Zip1

    Love how 60% of minecraft players are like: cant wait for part 2 so we can have new mob generation.

  • ManagerOfWar

    Mumbo: Grian and I, Independently, came up with the same idea

  • mcballs

    "I am blitzed with joy" there you go mumbo, a new expression of satisfaction for your ever decreasing realm of possible positive emotions towards your accomplishment

  • Kai

    I think the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would be a great aesthetic to take inspiration from. Looks really cool!

  • Mr. Pigeon
    Mr. Pigeon

    Mumbo: thats the first time i killed anything with an anvil

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo

    I like how mumbo always adds for scale when comparing his character with something massive 😂

  • Rowan Lindholm
    Rowan Lindholm

    I wonder if and when Mumbo gets his first kill he’s going to switch into a killing machine

  • dn a
    dn a

    funny how mumbo doesn't realize that grian "independently" stole the night sky idea from mumbo's subreddit lmao

  • Just A Random Space Enthusiast
    Just A Random Space Enthusiast

    It took me to this episode to realize that the thing carved into the back of Mumbo’s storage room is Grian’s face.