Hermitcraft 8: Episode 25 - REDSTONE BOATEM HOLE
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Hermitcraft Season 8, Mumbo builds a giant redstone contraption for the boatem hole on the hermitcraft server, that transforms it from being a death trap into an almost death trap. He then meets up with Impulse and Pearl to test out the next Hermitcraft Boatem contraption, as well as beginning planning on the new Boatem CEO machine.

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  • Charlie

    I know the episodes don't overlap perfectly, but in Grian's last episode, he'd set up the slime block launchers, and was planning to ask Impulse for help. I love the idea that Mumbo came along unprompted, saw redstone and decided, "my project now." skfhfjs

  • Mattias Tuvell
    Mattias Tuvell


  • Rhiannon Smudge
    Rhiannon Smudge

    I can imagine that Mumbo's replacement involves a series of signs that say:

  • ChrisBrett2

    1 cubic meter of quartz weighs 2320 kilograms. 1 kilogram of quartz costs $20.05 USD (at its cheapest) up to 900 USD. So at its cheapest 1 cubic meter of quartz is $46,400 USD, and at its highest, it could cost $2,088,000 USD. So that meeting room will cost a pretty penny to make.

  • Andres Rodriguez
    Andres Rodriguez

    Mumbo: "This should do me for at least.... 3 days..."

  • Skiz


  • JCoopeR


  • WeirDoesGaming

    Mumbo: "Just make sure you don't stand on the other launcher"

  • Yannis Dewulf
    Yannis Dewulf

    The way you introduce the new meeting room should definitely go like this:

  • Wolfogon

    "How fast are you at right clicking and jumping out of a minecart?"

  • DevilChowder

    "This whole segment has been a Coltrane wreck" genius, mumbo, genius

  • Hooded Raire
    Hooded Raire

    "Can you imagine if the other members of Boatem thought I was a bad CEO?"

  • MetRiko

    Imagine Mumbo's replacement as his face with target blocks. Hermits could throw snowballs (or something) to get Mumbo's opinion about topic during meeting.. happy mustache face would mean approvement and sad face would mean disapprovement on the current topic. That would be hilarious 😂

  • Solista

    "Coming soon"

  • Kyle Heg
    Kyle Heg

    mumbo: talking about the price of quartz

  • Ender G4MER
    Ender G4MER

    Dear Mumbo,

  • ReadMyDescriptionAndHelpMeGet30SubsToBeatMyFriend

    “It’s when my bad mood comes out,” -Mumbo Jumbo the most wholesome, kind, calm and lovely man ever

  • Alexander McDonald
    Alexander McDonald

    I want a T-shirt that says

  • crash

    mumbo telling pearl to be careful about the launcher and her immediately getting shot into boatem is perfect comedic timing

  • Summer

    When impulse said he wanted an assurance that he won’t die, Mumbo could’ve just covered up the hole 😂