How Many Minecraft Farms Fit in This Square?
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo asks How many Minecraft farms fit in a 7x7 Red Square? This video includes a tiny villager trading hall, a small sugar cane farm and even a tiny Minecraft mob farm. These compact Minecraft farms would be easy to build in Minecraft survival. These Simple Minecraft farms are great if you want to know How to start a Minecraft world properly.

This video is inspired by Mr Beast and his Anything you can fit in the square I'll pay for series.

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  • I drink dihyrdogen monoxide.
    I drink dihyrdogen monoxide.

    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

  • Christopher Pie
    Christopher Pie

    I'd love to see a bedrock to sky limit one-chunk multi-farm like this.

  • Caden Britten
    Caden Britten

    In past hermitcraft seasons, we've seen mumbo slowly take up more and more space. I'd like to see if mumbo runs with this concept of saving space and essentially making a "New York City" style base where it's all skyscrapers and eventually making a huge functional city of villager residents and all buildings and machines go with this concept.

  • SacredLotusMC

    in case anyone wanted to work out how to put them together

  • Zamatez

    I love how he calls librarians “scientists”

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Might need to pop this thing into my survival series! Seeing as my farms are often quite primitive I could see this working out

  • BlackboardIdeas

    In the next Hermitcraft season, you should make this into a service called SEVEN². Due to the tiny footprint, it would probably easily fit inside most hermits' bases, be it inside a tower or underground, making it a really attractive product. :)

  • Obi_Playz_

    This would be a cool idea for a hermitcraft store obviously at a larger scale and with an automatic sorting system. People could go to the bottom and pick the items they want.

  • Novalia

    Just the clock of the sugarcane farm, powered by the minecart underneath, was brilliant. It shows how much experience you have and it was so compact ! Awesome :)

  • bhull242

    I have to say, I did not expect the video to start with you getting the size of the square wrong. That’s impressive.

  • - lꞏl Mꞏaꞏx lꞏl -
    - lꞏl Mꞏaꞏx lꞏl -


  • Jonas Rahbek
    Jonas Rahbek

    I made a one chunk farm tower like this.

  • Aidan Hershberger
    Aidan Hershberger

    If you put this over a slime chunk, you could dig downwards and do a tiny slime farm

  • sorry

    I love how this alone is way more efficient than my entire survival singleplayer world.

  • Random mobile guy
    Random mobile guy

    I like how he calls EVERYTHING SIMPLE when it’s like a real tech god

  • E M
    E M

    Discord was hacked. Such a shame to see such a nice and family friendly server be reduced to that state. Hopefully you can get it back up and running soon; some people are just unacceptable.

  • benjamin barker-hills
    benjamin barker-hills

    He should definitely make this in hc 9, but remember to filter the rotten flesh into lava. Also micro, honey and lava farms are useful, so are lots of others. A part 2 would be good.

  • Grammar Nazi
    Grammar Nazi

    And here we see Mumbo's trade mark: essentially resolving the Pioneer Anomaly and then calling it simple, in the same demonstrated obliviousness shared by British people.

  • Manks

    A "One chunk Industrial District Tower" is an entertaining concept, it'd be interesting to see how far the concept can be pushed on a technical limit.

  • Mush&Friends

    Another thing i would like to say is, if arrows (in entity form) where fired at hoppers, they could collect them, this could make a interesting arrow farm, maybe with skeletons, or a contraption that requires a villager and a nametagged pillager, where the pillager fires a the villager but it goes into the hopper instead, its alot more efficient then wasting alot of time placing and breaking gravel for flint!