How much XP from 1 Million Minecraft Sculk Blocks?
Mumbo Jumbo
This Minecraft video shows how Many levels from 1 Million Sculk Blocks in Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update. Sculk blocks from the Minecraft 1.19 Deep Dark store Minecraft XP. What does 1 million look like in Minecraft? And how much XP do you get from 1 million blocks in Minecraft? This Minecraft short answers all of that!

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    This video is either really short, or REALLY long depending on how much you are paying attention... Unless you're watching on desktop then it's just short with a cliff-hanger 😂

  • Hydro !
    Hydro !

    Mumbo is evolving, he has learnt to loop shorts

  • Pixelcraftian

    "So I guess the only next logical question is.."

  • Vaibhawi Roll-57
    Vaibhawi Roll-57

    The loop came out of no where I was in shock😂

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr

    This is the only loop that actually got me who would’ve thought mumbo would be so good at looping!

  • Frynn

    I like how he went through the effort of breaking them all instead of just multiplying the exp gained from one block.

  • AJ

    enough levels for impulse to not want to risk dying ;)

  • MVND

    it would be interesting to see how many sets of 30 levels you could get, because every level requires exponentially more xp and realistically you don't ever need to go higher than 30

  • dakota gritten
    dakota gritten

    Impulse gets more from his xp farms. That man is insane.

  • Colin Peaslee
    Colin Peaslee

    Another thing I was wondering with the skulk stuff, since the amount it spreads is based on the xp of the slain enemy, what would happen if you killed an ended dragon over it?

  • Game On!
    Game On!

    The next logical question is / how much xp would you get if you break 1 millions skulk blocks.

  • Randa Ranatunga
    Randa Ranatunga

    Oh my god this loop is

  • FinalDevastator

    Thing is.

  • Zoe The Sloth
    Zoe The Sloth

    Mumbo: So the next logical question is-

  • StuffandThings

    I just realized, Etho's old design for a silverfish farm where you get XP from breaking blocks is now a proper useful game feature. I wonder if we'll see a return of the XP cube...

  • Jack Tonks
    Jack Tonks

    The end loop is phenomenal, I got to the second time round and I was like “wait… this is really familiar”🤣🤣

  • Just_a_Gifted_Me

    Mumbo is answering the questions nobody thought of before but everyone wants an answer to now

  • TreeBoi1

    That loop was so clean, good job! love your content.

  • Sam

    It’s overly complicated and less efficient than other xp farms. The perfect red stone contraption

  • ihatebrickplanet12

    it’s actually a lot of levels. the amount of Xp needed to increases per level