I made a Mountain Piston House in Minecraft 1.18
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds a Minecraft Piston House on top of a Minecraft 1.18 Mountain in the new Minecraft update, Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs part II. This Minecraft redstone house is filled with interesting redstone contraptions, including a Minecraft piston elevator, a Minecraft automatic storage system, Minecraft automatic farms. The new terrain in Minecraft 1.18 is awesome for building and exploring!

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    The storage system was meant as an extension to an ender chest, I just... forgot to mention that so now I look stupid

  • Jeracraft

    I think that's one of the nicest houses you ever built ^.^

  • Bones Of Eao
    Bones Of Eao

    The shulker boxes for anyone curious:

  • TheRedstoneRobot

    "I wanted to forfeit a little bit of efficiency, for this look right here"

  • JamAttack

    Anytime someone goes from feeling like they're terrible at something to discovering that they can actually do it pretty decently, they are guaranteed to suddenly take a much bigger interest in that thing, learning all sorts of tricks and techniques that they previously didn't know about, and get exponentially better. I feel like that's what's currently starting to happen with Mumbo and aesthetic building.

  • Rand0om

    Mumbo: "I'm NOT a builder."

  • Overworked Student
    Overworked Student

    He's becoming more like Grian.

  • Lily Roberts
    Lily Roberts

    Ah yes, Mumbo "I'm not a builder" Jumbo creates yet another beautiful looking build!

  • Cyber_Salamander

    I just want to say congrats to Mumbo on becoming such a well rounded minecrafter. Not only being ultra-talented at redstone but also being great at building and even being the fastest crystal singer in the north and now the leader of a cult ! Keep up the great content mumbo

  • No name
    No name

    I love how much mumbo has improved with his building, I love that he stopped doing everything in a hyper modern style and is becoming more textured and detailed with his builds and I love that mumbo is starting to love his newly improved building skills haha

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker

    Mumbo is not just a genius in redstone, but in reverse psychology. He says he is not a builder to lower our expectations, and comes out with something amazing.

  • Shallow Phoenix
    Shallow Phoenix

    Just from the house building alone I would love to see him build a mansion focusing strictly on the building and the only redstone that can be used are ones for lighting and aesthetics.

  • LuckyOwl777

    There's a book series called The Kane Chronicles. It's written by the same author of the Percy Jackson series. It's about Egyptian Mythology and magic. In the series, there this magical minion called the Brooklyn House. I think it would be really cool to see you build it in Minecraft. You could do lots of cool Redstone things with it (for example, the door tot he minion opens in a fun way where you don't touch it in the books).

  • Galactic Brick Studios
    Galactic Brick Studios

    “And I’m in survival so I cant die”

  • SprockerDan

    It’s nice to see mumbo becoming incredable at everything instead of specialising in one subject

  • Blazing Obsidian Official
    Blazing Obsidian Official

    The fact that mumbo is getting actually good at building is low-key terrifying

  • Taylor The Bee!
    Taylor The Bee!

    I love this house so much. Really useful, amazing looking, and fits with the terrain perfectly

  • Lime Lad
    Lime Lad

    Hey Mumbo, loved the vid! Just a quick tip, you can use waterlogged trap doors instead of dispensers for the crop farms for a slightly nicer looking alternative.

  • Diabandana

    I really enjoy that non ender chest storage! I am building a similar house in survival (an observatory) and a "call supplies" chest would definitely be amazing

  • Animating Hufflepuff
    Animating Hufflepuff

    “Im really enjoying building”