I made a Transforming Cave Base in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Mumbo Jumbo Minecraft redstone video, Mumbo builds a transforming Cave in Minecraft. This self building minecraft base is a Hidden Minecraft Bunker, where you can hide your Minecraft chests. Using a secret redstone activation device, this regular Minecraft cave transforms into an underground survival Bunker in Minecraft.

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Twitter: twitter.com/ThatMumboJumbo

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    Midas Pool


  • Kaii


  • Sylvius Black
    Sylvius Black

    Mumbo: Everything about this is satisfying!

  • Phasomyr

    Sometimes I forget that Mumbo is actually a genius engineer, and then he posts an occasional redstone video. And then I remember how many brain cells this man actually has.

  • Jonah Bergman
    Jonah Bergman

    Honestly, this is the coolest thing ever. The fact that it looks sooo much like an actual cave makes it that much more epic and surprising when it transforms. I love this so much!

  • Stones8000

    Mumbo: You would never suspect anything about this cave!

  • 57days Productions
    57days Productions

    "I feel bad for anyone watching this that doesn't understand redstone. It's just words." Yeah, mumbo, that's why I watch. I sit my dumb little butt down and I watch you do magic tricks for 12 minutes and then I applaud and go make a dirt hut.

  • Somebody

    Easy way of torturing Mumbo:

  • OmegaDoesThings

    Dang Mumbo, not only is it incredibly functional, both modes look absolutely amazing. The use of the stonecutters, brewing stands, hoppers, and backlighting really add a lot of depth to an otherwise flat build, and the color palette is warm and inviting. Good show!

  • n0t-J

    I admire Mumbo's patience a lot, cos i spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to make a contraption work and now i wont go near the stuff for the life of me.

  • Finn A
    Finn A

    Summary of this video: Mumbo saying “piston feed tape” and congratulating himself for 12 minutes whilst smashing his head into his desk at the same time. This is quality content!

  • Sven

    Id like to imagine the inside of Mumbo's head is just a floor full of pressure plates and chickens.

  • TheyCallMeFlipper

    Alt title:

  • Silent Mayan
    Silent Mayan

    Mumbo: "I'm surprised this still works. I built this way back in 2017. That's almost 5 years ago!"

  • Tobias Küchler
    Tobias Küchler

    After being called a genuine builder in the last hermitcraft episode, it appears Mumbo had to retaliate.

  • WanderingWolfe

    5 years later, Mumbo makes himself a larger, significantly more extravagant, transforming cave base.

  • Matthew Daugherty
    Matthew Daugherty

    Can we take a second and appreciate how Mumbo can see how all of the blocks are going to interact BEFORE he places them? A true savant at his craft(ba dun tss).

  • imogen skillicorn
    imogen skillicorn

    One of the best things about watching Mumbo’s videos is how much he genuinely enjoys every project. Like, you can hear how much fun he has every time, and it’s so nice to watch :)

  • Ninja Noodle
    Ninja Noodle

    This is one of those videos where Grian needs to do the voice over as I'm sure that he can explain double-piston extender piston feedtapes with no issues whatsoever...

  • Gonzalo Olivera
    Gonzalo Olivera

    New Best Party Game: