I Made a Safe House in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Ever wanted to protect a house to the max level? Well... This is the video for you! Today we build a safe house filled to the brim with top notch security systems!

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I built this as a fun project, just like all things in Minecraft, it can be defeated by a determined kid with a pickaxe! That's what makes this game great! 😂

  • That_Ep1cNess

    Imagine being the mailman of this house

  • CatMan

    When defense is bigger than the actual house

  • A Arber
    A Arber

    Jumbo: “I hate people”

  • Just Munik
    Just Munik

    Tip: Instead of using creepers, use wither skeleton. They have wither effect and they are a quite strong even against full diamond player. Also, creepers, even if they work, you will have to rebuild everything.

  • Testificate

    Mumbo: "I made a safe house in minecraft"

  • Conor McDonald
    Conor McDonald

    How do you protect your home?

  • Alisher Avaz
    Alisher Avaz

    Mumbo’s safe house:

  • Legend Of Link
    Legend Of Link

    Blazes: harness the power of fire

  • A yup
    A yup

    “We have minecart furnaces, so why shouldn’t we have minecart dispensers?” Mojang:

  • MrDigThis

    Mumbo: "I hate people"

  • Ionic Theoduke
    Ionic Theoduke

    Imagine next time he loads the world there’s just a villager standing in his house

  • AJ Bushido
    AJ Bushido

    I have an idea for the dispenser Minecart.

  • GalaxiesHD

    We all know what comes next

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno

    Another idea: just build a normal house and then add a sign saying: I donate to e-girls on twitch. That should keep any normal people away from that house.

  • Jack Adair
    Jack Adair

    Mumbo’s partly wood safe house:

  • Pallet Crate
    Pallet Crate

    I love how he casually starts the video with a quick

  • Frank Ceschin
    Frank Ceschin

    It’s great to see how far Mumbo has come with his building skills considering how he focuses on redstone

  • Yes

    When mumbo realizes that he is on a single player world

  • Smollo

    Imagine going to someones house and hearing “deploy the defense creepers”