I made a Walking House in Minecraft 1.14
Mumbo Jumbo
Ever wanted to move your house to a new location but couldn't be bothered to re-build it? Well; This video is for you. A walking house.

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  • Cant_Hit_This7

    3 years later

  • That jelly, the one you miss ♡
    That jelly, the one you miss ♡

    Mumbo: I've lost my house

  • Maheer Aymaan
    Maheer Aymaan

    Mumbo: It's like the average house a Minecrafter would make.

  • TheDeadedPerson

    Me: Can we get a Howls Moving Castle?

  • Aku Dynasty
    Aku Dynasty

    Wife files for divorce:

  • 🐝Harly🐝

    "Hey, dude, can you move your house? It's in the way of my build."

  • Elena Jane
    Elena Jane

    Pewdiepie: There's HORSES in Minecraft?

  • OmegaBaum

    "would a house have two legs or would it have four legs"

  • Lobstercat

    Okay, now that I've gotten up, eaten breakfast, and gotten dressed, I think it's time to take my

  • IThinkImJoe


  • Tyler Phantom Flyer
    Tyler Phantom Flyer

    Mumbo Jumbo 2020: Makes a walking house.

  • Googoo Gaga
    Googoo Gaga

    He really took "we're moving" to a new level

  • Adil Ali
    Adil Ali

    Her: come over

  • Compy 707
    Compy 707


  • Thomas Hartke
    Thomas Hartke

    There’s no way to move your house without destroying it first

  • Adi

    Government: announces quarantine and tells everyone to stay in doors

  • Ivy

    just imagine someone rolling up in a moving castle in a factions server

  • proBOTrj

    Mumbo Jumbo:

  • Taylor Wilson
    Taylor Wilson

    Everybody gangsta till the house starts walking

  • Snowy

    Mumbo: “The redstone is actually quite simple”