Impossible Minecraft Builds
Mumbo Jumbo
In this minecraft video, Mumbo Jumbo takes a look at impossible Minecraft builds. These Minecraft optical illusions that seemingly break minecraft physics are actually incredibly simple Minecraft builds. Relying on a specific arrangement of blocks, Minecraft players can create cursed Minecraft builds with ease.

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    I have been messing around with impossible builds over the past few days, and I didn't think it was enough for a full video, but seemed perfect to experiment with on a short... SO HERE WE ARE!

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich

    immersive portals is how he made the last one

  • Symplytra Ac
    Symplytra Ac

    "I'll show you tomorrow" and to this day, we still haven't got any updates

  • Owen Elliott
    Owen Elliott

    There's cleverly hidden breaks In each structure, the blue concrete doesn't actually connect to the side of the bottom rail and the orange thing doesn't connect behind the blue

  • Specialism

    "it doesn't really take a lot to make my brain hurt"

  • Quinn Lay
    Quinn Lay

    "It doesn't take much to hurt my brain" make a huge read stone machine calls it simple red stone that hurt my brain

  • e

    Before Mumbo says the answer, I can already guess it.

  • Jude Slover
    Jude Slover

    “It doesn’t take that much to make my brain hurt” says the one who is like one of the best red stone builders out there

  • Fuk love
    Fuk love

    Mumbo: It doesn't take much to hurt my brain

  • RyoshiLeet

    Very happy to see mumbo's shorts and hear his comforting voice

  • Daan Bos
    Daan Bos

    “It doesn’t take much to get my brain hurt”

  • Facundo Marticorena
    Facundo Marticorena

    Normally, I would be glad that Mumbo is doing shorts, cause it means that we'll get more content in between the regular videos. But knowing him, he'll probably get too distracted doing these and forget to make videos.

  • Todd Windham
    Todd Windham

    This man could build a hotel that delivers whatever you want, WITHOUT PROBLEMS

  • Copy Cat
    Copy Cat

    I’m pretty sure it’s just a normal track setup but with perfect timing on spawning new carts to make it seem like a clever mind breaker structure

  • Butter_Playz YT
    Butter_Playz YT

    Hmm so mumbo has used the imersive portals mod once again! It is quite fun and unique! Maybe another IPD video sometime again Mumbo?

  • KiemPlant

    Oh, easy, the last one is two blocks high in the left side where the tracks end, then the row of blocks that are on a higher level in front of it are perfectly lined up with those.

  • TomboyfrmSaturn2986

    I have trained my mind for months and calculated for weeks for this precise moment, my mathematically proven conclusion is; the square root of 64 is 8 and this is impossible. 😃

  • Elijah Jarrell
    Elijah Jarrell

    I love how the minecarts move weird when they are about to leave view. Almost as if they are being destroyed and replaced on the other side at a higher elevation???

  • Angelina Williams
    Angelina Williams

    Mumbo: it doesn’t take much for my brain to hurt

  • xXFaZe_AuSsIeXx

    Knew it as soon as I saw the first one. This is one of the few times I will ever unironically call myself a mega brain.