Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Minecraft Last Life, the Hardcore Survival Minecraft series on a Survival Multiplayer Server, Mumbo Jumbo creates the ultimate weapon in Minecraft, the end crystal. He also joins up with the southerners to make some Minecraft redstone traps, regroups with Grian, and accidentally creates a red life!

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  • ivoxweezy

    The fact that Scar died in the trap that he literally walked into earlier makes it even worse

  • Einnor john Solis
    Einnor john Solis

    Mumbo saying "FRIENDS" to them is the most wholesome thing ever

  • Volt Siano
    Volt Siano

    Martin and Timmy:

  • Jyotiraditya Shukla
    Jyotiraditya Shukla

    With his 7 lives, Scar bought this server together its almost poetic his death should split it.

  • Epsilon

    Grian: Any last words Mumbo?

  • The angry kitty
    The angry kitty

    When you realize that mumbo didn't kill anyone in Hermitcraft to learn what and what doesn't register as a player kill, in preparation of Last Life.

  • oofted toofted
    oofted toofted

    The foreshadowing in this session for Scar man. He gives his boogeyman detection crystal to Mumbo and then proceeded to get killed by the boogeyman. He gives his luck crystal and then died to the trap he previously survived in. It’s poetic at this point.

  • Christopher King
    Christopher King

    Grian in the first episode: green and yellow names aren't allowed to kill other players

  • LJ_Dude

    Grian's "chaos in a box" description of this server is really quite accurate.

  • Christopher Brown
    Christopher Brown

    Scars Arc is honestly kinda sad, lives alone, gets everyone to yellow, then becomes the only red after finding allyship.

  • Christian VR
    Christian VR

    Scar was really an outstandng character in everybody's last life episode. I really love that guy, he's so wholesome

  • Eleven Down
    Eleven Down

    The absolute joy in both Grain and Mumbos voice when they no longer are enemies just proves their bromance

  • it's me
    it's me

    Grian: "Is this staircase safe?"

  • Thomas Palazzolo
    Thomas Palazzolo

    I think Scar's luck is installed upside down. Dies twenty times on the way to breakfast, walks unscathed through a storm of lava and dynamite.

  • MegaDK47

    Every other comment section: "Mumbo and Grian wholesome friendship"

  • Seth Smith
    Seth Smith

    Scar: boogey Killed by Etho

  • Paul Brennan
    Paul Brennan

    Scar is the ultimate door-to-door salesman, nearly getting blown up by a creeper and then surviving a door trap and still trying to push his wares on everyone

  • Alex Charlton
    Alex Charlton

    Gives away “detect boogeyman” crystal, dies by boogeyman

  • Crabe Mane
    Crabe Mane

    Scar survives until he gives his crystals to mumbo, leaving himself crytal-less.

  • Sam with a Sceptile
    Sam with a Sceptile

    The fact that it took the Redstone madman on the server to finally build a trap that was actually effective...