LAST LIFE: Episode 7 - OH NOOO!
Mumbo Jumbo
In this episode of Minecraft Last Life on the Minecraft Hardcore Survival Minecraft Last Life server, Mumbo teams up with Skizzleman and a few other red names to try and kill off the green names on the Minecraft server. He then tries to trap the Southlands with SolidarityGaming, to capture Grian and InTheLittleWood which ended... Well...

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  • InTheLittleWood

    But... What will I do for episode 8's intro?

  • RustyTin

    Everyone: “Mumbo would be so OP in last life with all the traps he can make!”

  • Seri220

    Don't mind him, guys. He's getting out all of his anger in this series because he's a pacifist in Hermitcraft.

  • Aidenpons

    "Etho dies tonight"

  • Timothy Estrada
    Timothy Estrada

    Grian: "Get back here!"

  • Дat One Russian Guy
    Дat One Russian Guy

    SPOILERS AHEAD, because that's a big concern for some people apparently:

  • P24p1

    Mumbo: Has 2 hearts

  • Canister

    Mumbo: "I cant believe I died!"

  • lelbot1000

    Mumbo attempting to murder grian. Dying by his hand and then sounding like he felt betrayed was great! Already excited for next season

  • OmegaDCK

    Tip: You don't tell someone how many hearts you're on if you're in PvP..

  • Tan

    Grian: “what idiots would stand on the edge like that”

  • Rohith Baliga
    Rohith Baliga

    Such an obedient child. Turned around when grian said " come back"

  • Blazing Obsidian Official
    Blazing Obsidian Official

    I love how dramatic this series is, regardless of the fact that it's so spontaneous

  • Digital Grey
    Digital Grey

    You should now haunt Grian, because as he said "He needs to learn that his actions have consequences."

  • Nathan McQuie
    Nathan McQuie

    Mumbo: "oh no guys I'm on 2 hearts", procedes to walk back to Grian getting himself killed instead of running

  • RageDragon101

    Mumbo: Runs away from Grian

  • Christian Moyer
    Christian Moyer

    The saddest part about Mumbo's departure is that no other active players would now have to pick somebody else doing their intros to look at.

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    Red Name Grian to Yellow Name Mumbo: "You can join me. We can still be friends."

  • Parker Harris
    Parker Harris

    Also, as mumbo was going through scar's chests he passed up an egg. An ideal detonation tool for an end crystal.

  • Devon Jameson
    Devon Jameson

    No one even gonna mention that impulse got the “whatever floats your goat” achievement