Mumbo Jumbo
Welcome to the Last Life Minecraft Hardcore Survival Series. In this Minecraft survival episode, Mumbo engages in some End Crystal PvP, becomes the imposter, and makes new friends with GoodTimesWithScar and SmallishBeans.

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  • ivoxweezy

    I like how in hermitcraft mumbo doesnt kill a single living thing, and then in last life he slaughters everyone.

  • Celestirr

    Mumbo is obviously terrible at PvP but seems to be a terrifying force that everyone is scared of! So much unpredictability tightly bundled into one being! Grian would be proud!

  • Zyon

    Tango: "NO LONGER RED"

  • Mouse Arts
    Mouse Arts

    Anyone else seriously hoping Mumbo comes back with a red suit next session?

  • //Karma

    I would like to point out that nearly every time Tango says "smells like Boogey," the Boogey man is actually in the vicinity. I am convinced.

  • RudeGuyChase

    When Mumbo turned red, everyone went to a killing spree, Mumbo is really a catalyst

  • hailzmarie1

    Red Life Mumbo is the definition of an Opportunist, like no plans, mans is just winging it and blowing shit up and it's fantastic

  • Spirit 0502
    Spirit 0502

    All other red names: “I should make a deal with my alliances to get another life!”

  • RedHeart Studios
    RedHeart Studios

    "Ren is always an easy target"

  • StupidGenius

    Mumbo in the beginning silently equipping the obsidian and end crystals was honestly one of the most tense things I've seen on RSloft. The rest of the episode did not disappoint.

  • Lane Robertson
    Lane Robertson

    I was genuinely scared for Mumbo when Cleo started going after him.

  • Craytherlaygaming

    Gotta love how Mumbo as the boogieman when asked who he'd kill.

  • Hot Blade
    Hot Blade

    Etho: Which one of you is the Boogeyman?

  • Mono Lupine
    Mono Lupine

    The sheer quantity of people who died, became red, and were boogeymen this session it quite insane to be honest

  • Amaya11

    Mumbo on episode one: I suck at PVP

  • Digital Fantasies
    Digital Fantasies

    If that poison potion wasnt thrown down then Mumbo would of gotten like 5 kills minimum at the start, imagine the chaos in chat at 5 kills all at once, plus the two other boogies would still have to go hunt afterwards and thered be so much more red lifes and chaos.

  • Eomer Simbajon
    Eomer Simbajon

    Mumbo is LITERALLY the last person i had in mind who would go on a killing spree that it was such a huge turnaround for him

  • madi

    listen, Mumbo can’t kill anything on Hermitcraft, so he’s taking out his killing spree on Last Life 😂

  • ClonedGamer001

    Bdubs: "We kind of walked out of that best case scenario"

  • Alchemyst

    There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in a storm, a night with no moon, and the wrath of a gentle man.