Making a Redstone Door WITH NO PISTONS...
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we take a look at a piston door, that isn't a piston door, as it has no pistons.

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  • honixFPV

    Minecraft logic:

  • ADSM17

    Mumbo: Let's see, how do we make a pistonless door?

  • Aaron Rogers
    Aaron Rogers

    That moment after you spend hours working on a redstone project and realize there's a much easier solution.

  • Tom K678
    Tom K678

    Title: not using pistons

  • ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ Jax Anator ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

    The moment you realize this

  • Callum Hurd
    Callum Hurd

    The ice door could work with armour stands equipped with frost walker boots, being moved around by water sources with light on specific places as not to freeze the path but instead the water below 🤓

  • DaBurgerBandit

    lol... when you realize you only needed a pressure plate and an iron door

  • I Like Sim
    I Like Sim

    Plot twist: Nobody said that he can't use Command blocks.

  • velocity

    His Muscle memory Forced Him To Get Pistons In his Inventory

  • Jacob

    I’m probably the only one who found “meaty pulse extender” to be insanely hilarious

  • Helga Van Doorn
    Helga Van Doorn


  • Easton Worthen
    Easton Worthen

    it's so funny when he realizes he could have just used any kind of door and a pressure plate

  • ethan

    clicks On video thinking it would be an easy early game door

  • Bui Dinh Nguyen Ngoc
    Bui Dinh Nguyen Ngoc

    Imagine this guy being your house's architect

  • The Soviet Onion
    The Soviet Onion

    “I made a piston door without pistons” is the equivalent of “I made a decent redstone contraption without mumbo”

  • GalaxyCypher

    Mumbo Jumbo: No pistons

  • Alex Bibby
    Alex Bibby

    as a tnt expert you just need to have 2 tnt dispensed in front of the door protected with obsidian and it would destroy the whole door in one go, having it drop on top is slower and more dangerous also more resource heavy

  • Zach Lewis
    Zach Lewis

    The first attempt would probably work if you control the tnt falling. It falling to the side or backwards is probably the reason it stopped being reliable.

  • Nugget

    Me: hey you should watch this video!

  • Joker Clown
    Joker Clown

    Through out the whole video I was saying "Just use an iron door." but then when he did it, he sounded so sad now I feel terrible for indirectly making Mumbo sad.