Making AFK XP Farms with Sculk Blocks in Minecraft
Mumbo Jumbo
Minecraft 1.19 BETA introduces Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update features such as Minecraft deep dark Sculk Blocks. They store Minecraft XP, allowing us to make truly AFK Minecraft XP Farms.

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  • Donny Trogdon
    Donny Trogdon

    Question: do iron golems count as mobs that generate skull blocks when they die and if so can you somehow rig this up to an iron farm to build an afk iron farm that is also a bulk xp storage?

  • Anshuk A.
    Anshuk A.

    I love how with each update, Minecraft is getting closer to modded Minecraft, all while keeping the vanilla Minecraft feel.

  • Star Boy
    Star Boy

    It’s so cute seeing mumbo amazed at how much exp skulk gives even though in bedrock all you need to repair every piece of armor is a smoker and a few potatoes

  • CreamyMignons derp
    CreamyMignons derp

    Mumbo's happiness with waterlogged pistons genuinely made me smile

  • extus 4 project (that zegasellas)
    extus 4 project (that zegasellas)

    You know its a good mechanism when Mumbo says "I'm chuffed to bits!"

  • jdan77pear

    "Mumbo with a deep voice isn't real, he can't hurt you"

  • The LEGO Video-Inator
    The LEGO Video-Inator

    As a bedrock player, I actually didn’t know that you could water-log pistons, and that’s pretty cool.

  • Ding Ding
    Ding Ding

    imagine, in your base, having a lecturn where you can select how many levels of xp you want, this then sends a signal to your massive amount of stored skulk which then uses tnt to blow up exactly that many levels which then fall onto you. that'd be so cool

  • Xarfram

    What I love is, people tried to do this exact thing a decade ago with Silverfish spawners going into stone blocks, but it never caught on because it was too random and very dangerous since sweeping edge wasn't a thing. So now it's not only possible, but also much easier since it doesn't have to be built underground

  • Gilad Barlev
    Gilad Barlev

    Mumbo building a complex skulk-based XP farm in Bedrock

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu

    Could we get a tutorial on how to build this? Even a small-scale version of this would be awesome! Thank you for all your amazing content.

  • Games For Life
    Games For Life

    If that was in Java then mumbo would be rolling in xp on the Hermitcraft Sever he could have four running at once whilst standing on a platform in the centre.

  • c00kie Dude
    c00kie Dude

    the question tho: does the sculk block or the mob itself give more exp? or is it proportional to the mob's exp? in the latter case, adding this to an enderman farm would be absolutely huge!

  • Tranchede Cake
    Tranchede Cake

    Mumbo: Makes an AFK XP farm with sculk blocks

  • HUNTER Frenzy
    HUNTER Frenzy

    Once it's out on Java, imagine using an enderman farm (since someone said the xp the sculk blocks will drop would be based on the xp of the mob killed) and transporting the sculk blocks above the player afk spot into a TNT duper and automatically funnel the XP straight to the player without having to destroy any blocks would be awesome. Fully AFK-able!

  • GoofNugget987

    As a bedrock player, I love seeing bedrock redstone videos because after watching, I can actually go and build it.

  • Treo

    Since Skulk blocks are my favorite blocks, this farm is going to be a necessity for me.

  • Amtheminer

    The fact that we can now store our exp makes this game just that more complex, just wait for every mob farm to have auto exp storage systems integrated into their design's

  • Mycelium

    These skulk blocks are some of the most interesting things ever to be added to minecraft, I'm glad that the game is moving in this new innovative direction

  • pandajoe8

    Every once in a while Mumbo's gotta remind us why he's the greatest redstoner