Making USELESS Features USEFUL in Minecraft!
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we take a look at some incredibly useless features in Minecraft.. and try our best to make them useful.

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  • mothia leader
    mothia leader

    chorus fruit: can save from void. go into buildings. can save from fall damage. can save from starvation.

  • Benjamin Ehrhart
    Benjamin Ehrhart

    The furnace minecart can be activated with a piece of coal. It's like a train, and only goes for a little while. :)

  • Ben The G
    Ben The G

    Mumbo wants mojang to add secret bunkers to wells

  • Coy Raig
    Coy Raig

    You could probably use a chorus fruit to get out of your redstone after making sure mobs can't spawn there

  • SoggyCheetoz

    Pro tip, Chorus Fruit can be used to stop fall damage, if you eat it while falling/flying it will teleport you to the ground.

  • Kaden Wong
    Kaden Wong

    When you finally realize that the furnace Minecraft can be a minecart train engine

  • Griffin Ray
    Griffin Ray

    Chorus fruits will always teleport you to a safe space, like if your surrounded by lava and theres a safe place near by, it will teleport you there

  • Dona Nasol
    Dona Nasol


  • Lance Schneider
    Lance Schneider

    So this is a 2 in one idea here: what if chains could be used to couple up mine carts to furnace mine carts, and you could ride in furnace minecarts and make a lil train you know 🚂 🚋🚋🎢🏗

  • Zoomin

    lmao chorus fruit is a life saver on servers if someone traps you, especially on 2b2t

  • Joe Bime
    Joe Bime

    I love how you just tried to figure out a use for the furnace minecart and said "nope"

  • Maxim Chalupa
    Maxim Chalupa

    Watching this video and seeing his old outro still at the end instead of having been removed just made my day

  • Dr. Sir
    Dr. Sir

    Chorus fruit was added so when hit by a shulker you fly up and you eat fruit you telepprt on ground no matter what so no fall damage

  • Guilherme

    The pig one just shows how much Mumbo loves the feature to go through 1x1 holes even before it was a real feature in Minecraft!

  • RobloxPro947

    Mumbo: The chorus fruit is useless!

  • Stonie

    i use minecart-furnace when i have to transport villagers in the early stages of the game , when i don't have a lot of Redstone and gold, it works really well actually!. You just need iron and like 1 or 2 coal

  • Keenan McGill
    Keenan McGill

    You can use a pig when afk and you’ll continue moving. Would be good for long distances overnight or something.

  • Rage 2000
    Rage 2000

    Since the plants teleport you randomly, I think they’re more useful for getting OUT of an obsidian prison

  • _Myst_

    Bats aren't entirely useless. Their sounds can help you find caves while tunneling underground.

  • Samuel

    The furnace minecart is actually really great when you need to move villagers.