Minecraft: 20 More Doors In 100 Seconds
Mumbo Jumbo
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Song: Crafted Movie - Time Machine

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Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me
outro: ProleteR - April Showers

Texture pack is a modified version of the Faithful Texturepack:

Parts of my Texture pack are taken from CodeCrafted:

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  • Yukillion

    Ah yes, back when Mumbo still talks in seconds instead of ticks.

  • The FrYedRooster
    The FrYedRooster

    he should recreate this but a more recent version

  • some of my comments are cringe
    some of my comments are cringe

    Mumbo: oh, i forgot the torches. Now i need to pass trough my 20 doors

  • Raagam Parmar
    Raagam Parmar

    RSloft: wanna see a man passing through doors?

  • mel

    Me: “You can’t die in creative!”

  • hannahbanana

    and here we have the: red stone genius that everyone wants to be

  • Stefyx _
    Stefyx _

    RSloft:let's put this on recommended after 6 years

  • Plas yn ial Llandegla
    Plas yn ial Llandegla

    If you’re such a hobbit, then you’ll love this ...

  • Tbbt

    Plot twist: you weren’t recommended this and you just wanted to see Mumbos most popular vids

  • Dugs Life
    Dugs Life

    RSloft: let’s put this on

  • Armin Zah
    Armin Zah

    Mumbo then:

  • Chrisシ

    Even after 6 whole years it's still awesome to watch!

  • Nerish Shrestha
    Nerish Shrestha

    I like the part where he opens the door.

  • Not GoodEnough
    Not GoodEnough

    This makes me happy, especially the music

  • Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam

    I love how he never falters, he just keeps going perfectly straight because he knows how to operate each door and when they'll open etc.

  • LEGO Creator
    LEGO Creator

    I like how calmly he just walks/jumps through all of them as if it's nothing.

  • Ye Boi
    Ye Boi

    grian: i’ll take your entire stock

  • Chickennuggetpaw 469
    Chickennuggetpaw 469

    I really like the end portal one, because its absurd, overly fanciful, not very practical, and a bit convoluted, and best of all, requires no redstone.

  • Ayyy blyat
    Ayyy blyat

    Space engineers be like:

  • smurphas

    the guy doesn’t speak and walks through doors for like a minute and a half. 50 million views. great. good for you mumbo lmao.