Remaking my WORST Old Minecraft Videos
Mumbo Jumbo
2013 was a different time for Minecraft videos. Every redstone idea I had, I built and posted, and I didn't even think about if it was actually useful or interesting. In this video I am going to be Reacting to my old Minecraft videos, reacting to my old Minecraft builds, and remaking my old school Minecraft redstone builds. Minecraft 1.17 includes a bunch of new features that make redstone easier, and thus should make these builds better.

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  • Tiger Smith
    Tiger Smith

    The fire pit looks like a great way to ceremonially unalive other players, perhaps in a server where lives are limited and traps are useful

  • Sam Neyts
    Sam Neyts

    Mumbo making the cauldron storage system in 2013:

  • Kingdumcomettv

    He should do a video where he put everything he’s ever wanted in his base in 1 base. Pls for the love of god get Mumbo to see this and him to do it. I will watch it like 60 times over and over

  • Spiral

    Mumbo: "I kinda want this in my base."

  • Xander Productions
    Xander Productions

    Fireplace: 8.5

  • Forpus

    listening to mumbo's voice talking about redstone stuff i have no clue about every day just makes me happy.

  • Kenneth Walker-Chase
    Kenneth Walker-Chase

    honestly, you often say 'I want this in my base' but rarely do put any of these in your bases! You need a hermitcraft episode once you've built your base strictly to add some of these genuinely fun and interesting additions in!

  • Brian Daniels
    Brian Daniels

    Mumbo should make a base, where he puts all the things he’s ever said “I want one of these in my base” into it. Ultimate red stone house

  • Justa Guy
    Justa Guy

    I think other than the cauldron one which was ahead of it's time the rest mostly suffered from RSloft. Your channel was much smaller back then and the contraptions were not things people ever though to search for on their own. That said I think a few of them might not be pants but perhaps they are shorts instead.

  • Daniel Rehfeldt
    Daniel Rehfeldt

    just imagine if that fire wall lighting activated automatically as mumbo entered his batcave, or should I call it his spudcave?

  • AquaCreeperr

    Build 3 could actually use skulk sensors in a hallway so as you walk down the lights turn on. It would make some cool replay footage. This could solve my issue of sucking at redstone

  • Deadlykharma12

    I love this idea. Updating old red stone builds to a modern design is fantastic, even if I can’t build them exactly the same on bedrock. It at least gives me the idea and the basic workings of the systems.

  • Micah Houssian
    Micah Houssian

    You should totally find a bunch of times that you said "I want this in my base!" and make a giant base that has those things.

  • ÆmA


  • SH

    Since the 1.16 you can also have cool blue flamed soulfire walkways.

  • Rokkiteer

    Okay, these are my ratings:

  • Garstin Martin
    Garstin Martin

    "Didn't really give myself much room to work with here"

  • Toby Marsh
    Toby Marsh

    Mumbo Jumbo: breaks piston "oooo that could be an issue"

  • Pixelcraftian

    I know what we're all gonna say, so let me speak for everyone when I say:

  • Roald

    The elevator is honestly a perfect way to get down from the town on top of your mountain!