Things Only ORIGINAL MINECRAFTERS Remember! #2
Mumbo Jumbo
Today we go back in time.. to the early days or minecraft.. where foods didn’t stack, and ladders could be placed efficiently!


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  • Diego Lopez
    Diego Lopez

    Remember when the roads in the villages were out of gravel

  • Ni Fry
    Ni Fry

    Miss blocking with swords the most, that was like a peace sign in hunger games.

  • Gr33n Bear
    Gr33n Bear

    To this day I still thought you could only get mossy cobblestone by finding them

  • Simple as Cake
    Simple as Cake

    Do you remember when the crafting table was called “workbench”

  • Cereal is a soup
    Cereal is a soup

    When bows were first introduced to minecraft ,it was more like a submachine gun rather than what we see today

  • Slivor

    Remember when sheep's didn't drop mutton.

  • Birblis

    Do you remember when in villages, you could only find chests in blacksmiths shops?

  • Awkward…..

    Remember when you got on creative and your inventory bar would have torches, wood planks of different sorts, etc.

  • MinecraftGirl_101

    I remember before the nether was added to bedrock addition and you had to make a nether reactor. I never actually figured out how to make one, and instead just used the core block to make houses. Now that I think about it, they must have been really ugly.

  • NotAmIOwl

    "All you need to do is get a white coat villager-"

  • Krebbee

    Remember when poppies were called roses? the good ol’ days :)

  • Noriel Sylvire
    Noriel Sylvire

    I remember the "summoning herobrine" tutorials and all the Creepypastas about him being Notch's dead brother

  • Amber Bulley
    Amber Bulley

    anyone remember when u put to slabs together it would make the whole block again and then you’d have to remake the slab

  • Grace Wallin
    Grace Wallin

    I remember the days where villagers didn't have trades.

  • slushiie

    My cousin was super confused when I told them to cook our food. "but- we don't have a campfire! How the heck do we cook the meat?" I just- we had a furnace. I- wh-

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    This brought back memories of my old storage system: a wall of alternating trapped and regular double chests.

  • Wendell C
    Wendell C

    Does any MCPE players remember when you put an item in a chest, then immediately quit and close your game using the home button, and then load your game again, and you will find the same item in both your inventory and your chest? This worked all the way until Alpha 0.11

  • Reign

    Remember old mcpe when there was no nether you would just use the nether reactor

  • Esteban Mayorga
    Esteban Mayorga

    I remember when using a boat was torture because they broke with almost anything and just dropped sticks

  • Hexorth

    Remember the "too many items" mod?, that was the shit ill take that over creative menu all day.