Tier List of all Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update Changes
Mumbo Jumbo
In this Minecraft 1.19 video, Mumbo Jumbo makes a tier list of all announcements from Minecraft Live 2021. Minecraft: The Wild Update will follow Minecraft 1.18: Caves and Cliffs part 2 and features a bunch of new Minecraft features. These new additions to Minecraft include new Minecraft mobs, new Minecraft biomes, the Minecraft deep dark which is a new Minecraft structure, and also a new Minecraft Boss, the Warden. This Minecraft tier list covers all the New Minecraft blocks and features, and goes in depth on the new Minecraft update.

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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo


  • Stirling Clark
    Stirling Clark

    "I'm slightly biased because I like the mangrove tree"

  • Dark

    honestly really hyped for the new update!

  • YouTube

    "tier lists - this is how we communicate now" 😆

  • Chippy

    instead of the Copper Golem they should've added Grian, he does the same thing

  • JustMe BeingMe
    JustMe BeingMe

    I like how Mumbo is being fair/wholesome and said "someone" is going to put a Shrieker in my base, like there is a chance it could be anyone besides Grian

  • OwO

    Mumbo, the only person that I can think of that uses the Z tier instead of the F tier. Never change Mumbo.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    everyone else: yay the allay won! its so cute!

  • senior ram
    senior ram

    a self spreading forest would be dope

  • Eric Theodore Cartman
    Eric Theodore Cartman

    about that fireflies - those will be just particle effects similar to spore blossom. When frog is within range it will just allow one more animation for the frog.

  • Ollipop

    Copper Golem Voters: But the allay is just a hopper.

  • Huw Day
    Huw Day

    "I don't need an angry bush to tell me it's dark"

  • ZapdosGames

    mumbo: literally in the pre show of minecraft live

  • Shadowmaster

    Gotta give even more props to Mojang, even after having to muster the courage to tell the gaming community something has been delayed, they also made sure to have

  • 2tini ⚜️
    2tini ⚜️

    To be fair to the Glare, the article online stated it might scare mobs away, which if it worked like cats, but for all hostile mobs, would have been a nice alternative to flowing water for mob farms.

  • Schmoff

    “I wish they coupled this with a 64 block increase up as well”

  • bear11bear77

    Mumbo won’t figure most of these features out for about 3 years so it’s alright

  • HifzaP

    Alt title: Mumbo Jumbo hard core simping over sculk blocks and redstone blocks while all the other stuff cry in the corner :D

  • Ness does a pk fire
    Ness does a pk fire

    I've just realised, we ARE getting the Swamp Update that some people had wanted in the Biome Vote! (Swamp, Badlands, Mountains)

  • Amy Louise
    Amy Louise

    I would have really loved to see copper implemented more into redstone somehow if they truly wanted the copper golem to shine. Copper is a good conductor, I'm a bit confused why it hasn't been made to be used as such to begin with