What if Villagers could do Redstone?
Mumbo Jumbo
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  • Joey

    "Keep it in spirit with Vanilla Minecraft"

  • John the herbalist G
    John the herbalist G

    If villagers could do redstone, they would invent some kind of hyperefficient villager killing device. We all know they're really good at finding the most efficient way to off themselves en masse. It wouldn't be too long until they industrialized the practice

  • Ariff Ryo
    Ariff Ryo

    Villagers’ currency: emeralds

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname

    If villagers could do red stone, they’d just make more advanced ways to scam people

  • MeboDotExe

    “I don’t think villagers would have weapons.”

  • Amos Rand
    Amos Rand

    "Obviously we can't use villagers inside the farms" Yes, imagine if villagers locked up and enslaved their own kind to farm crops, with no food, and took away any crops that they harvest...

  • Peter Schalke
    Peter Schalke

    Mumbo: "What if villagers could do redstone"

  • Bradpop123

    Only if we knew that the villager quarantine zone would be the most important part in the village.

  • Sinister Pixel
    Sinister Pixel

    Creates a giant auto farm, sorting system, and auto brewer.

  • Confused Slav
    Confused Slav

    "what if villagers could do redstone?"

  • Splintly

    “I don’t think the villagers would have weapons”

  • ZBzR


  • Sko

    Imagine if Pillager Raids started with TNT launchers and Flaming Arrow Machine Guns.

  • The Cloaker
    The Cloaker

    “What if villagers could do red stone?”

  • Just AFan
    Just AFan

    “I’m not gunna go crazy with the redstone”

  • fwitzervision

    "Villagers aren't particularly aggressive"

  • Anonymous_bacon 23
    Anonymous_bacon 23

    House on the cliff:

  • ahasif

    mumbo"i always love the look of exposed redstone"

  • Schimmel 76er
    Schimmel 76er

    Mumbo Jumbo: What if villagers could do red stone?

  • Original_cb08

    Mumbo: Destroys an entire workforce with automation