What's the Fastest Way to Travel in Minecraft 1.14?
Mumbo Jumbo
Travelling long distances in Minecraft doesn't have to be a painful experience, there are some methods that make it incredibly fast! But what is the fastest? This video will tell you!

For every block that a player travels in the Nether, they travel 8 blocks in the over world.
So if you have a nether portal at 0,0 in the overworld, and another nether portal at 0, 800; then to connect them up in the nether you would have one at 0,0 and another at 0,100.. Meaning you have travelled 800 over world blocks by going 100 blocks in the nether! Hope this makes sense!


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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    Just a top tip!

  • Szymon Skierka
    Szymon Skierka

    Does anyone remember when powered rails were actually fast

  • Vignesh Rokzz
    Vignesh Rokzz

    He forgot the fastest:

  • CheeseToaster '
    CheeseToaster '

    For anyone who wants to know: in 1.16 the fastest way to travel is soul soil with one block deep water on top of it and boots with depthstrider 3 and soul speed 3 and a dolphin on a leed following you.

  • Just Another Youtube Channel
    Just Another Youtube Channel

    I swear powered rails are supposed to be a lot faster! I remember them being pretty damn speedy compared to this, even ignoring the 1.8 snapshots where rails were stupidly fast

  • MaelstromTranquil

    "It needs to be raining."

  • Jebman150

    Imagine: Travelling 16 m/s only by running on ice and bumping with your head against ceiling

  • someone

    Mumbo! How could you? You forgot the fastest method; a pig and a carrot on a stick

  • The unique channel
    The unique channel

    The impressive thing is that this guy can sprint 500 meters

  • Majax Plop
    Majax Plop

    Meanwhile in an alternate future, in MineCraft 1.67

  • AntiTheory

    I remember in a way older version of minecraft we would strip mine huge tunnels and we place down a set of unpowered minecart rails that used a "booster" system. There was a glitch where if a moving minecart passed by a stationary one on an adjacent track, they would both be launched forward at maximum speed. So you just needed one long track to travel on and some smaller adjacent track sections spaced out every so often, and you would just make a small incline so the minecart on the adjacent track could reset itself after it got launched as you passed by.

  • [insert_name]

    Remember when travelong on powered rails felt like you where going lightning fast?

  • EternalHours

    Of course, you need to also factor in the portal/loading times for moving between the Nether and the Overworld

  • ent.

    you're forgetting the fastest one yet:

  • JOHNsphs

    Here it is:

  • Auburn Bright
    Auburn Bright

    Elytra plus riptide spear in the rain is like being a human jet

  • Rubb3r Lizard
    Rubb3r Lizard

    One of the fastest ways to travel in Minecraft is giving yourself speed 255. You run so fast the chunk loader can’t keep up.

  • Blue Hyper
    Blue Hyper

    As someone who has built all of the blue ice nether highways in their server, I can say with confidence that they are worth it.

  • Isei Nohara
    Isei Nohara

    The time it takes to teleport won't change regardless of the distance :)) so you can teleport to far places and maintain 25 secs travel time

  • Leo

    I once traveled 2000 blocks in about 2 seconds