What's the Fastest way to Travel in Minecraft?
Mumbo Jumbo
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Today we try and work out, what is the fastest way one can travel in Minecraft? It's a question we have all asked, hopefully I can provide you with some answers!

One transportation technique I did not showcase in the video is rapid boat clicking! That was fairly fast! ALSO, Ultimate Redstones piston road. 20 blocks per second.

As it happens, RonnyGoBoom did a video in which they showcase a new fast way to travel. Check it out here:

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  • One sub before 2021?
    One sub before 2021?

    Fastest way to travel in minecraft is by getting a creaper to chase you while having an inventory full of diamonds you will turn to the fastest man alive in seconds

  • les go
    les go

    So wait wait. If you use 1 mob collider in both side, can you play pinball with yourself?

  • ker na
    ker na

    You can use packed ice and boats on it , it's really fast!

  • Alvari Isbani
    Alvari Isbani

    The fastest way to travel in Minecraft is to ride

  • Seth Rollins
    Seth Rollins

    The fastest way to travel is to be away from spawn and type /kill

  • Bang

    Elytras and fireworks have joined the chat

  • spiraling spiral
    spiraling spiral

    Dude: Running or Sprinting is quite slow.

  • RobFromYoutube (RT8269)
    RobFromYoutube (RT8269)

    You didn't to the tnt launcher in survival mode though :P I'm pretty sure that much tnt would kill you, unless you have some really nice armor but still, it's worth noting; quality video none the less though :D

  • Akihito's Erection
    Akihito's Erection

    "But by the end of it, I could see my little meat thing going down"

  • joycourier

    Mumbo messed up on the horses.

  • quadrplax

    They really should put the increased minecart speed back. Why would anyone bother with rails when a random horse is faster?

  • Chad Plays
    Chad Plays

    "Its hard to get this super horse in minecraft"

  • Sonar buge
    Sonar buge


  • Allubertti

    It is also pretty fast when you place ice on ground and slide on it with a boat

  • NewEra

    *Combines nether portals and mob launcher*

  • Daniel Stovey
    Daniel Stovey

    What I use to get around my house, since it covers a lot of area, is an ice road with a boat on it, since boats travel super fast on ice.

  • bg6b7bft

    what happens if you use a cow launcher into another cow launcher? Do you pinball back and forth?

  • Daniel Hebard
    Daniel Hebard

    The fastest way to travel bar none is the Elytra. The most reliable way to connect two points is a minecart system in the nether. In my world, my friends and I have connected bases thousands of blocks away from each other. And we set up a rail line for chest minecarts too with safeguards to prevent the minecarts from bouncing back.

  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo

    One transportation technique I did not showcase in the video is rapid boat clicking! That was fairly fast (slightly slower than the average horse), however it sadly cannot be used in the nether which makes it frustrating for really long distances!

  • Thobiex

    I believe that minecarts have gotten quite a bit faster since this video was uploaded.